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Every building has money in it, would you like to know where? Is your business struggling and don't know what to do? Then call me for help. Is there always someone ill in your house? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you lack romance in your life? Are there constant obstacles or difficulties in your home? Is there constant fighting in your home? Does someone have problems with authority in your home? Is there constant anger and frustration in your home?


In Feng Shui it seeks to balance the flow and containment of energy between Heaven, Earth and humans, therefore, enhance and maintain harmony, balance, health and wealth. And so using Feng Shui we create more harmony and balance in our living space and our lives, consistent with your quality of life. Like people have horoscopes so do houses or buildings. The horoscope for the house/building determines the age and orientation of the home etc., relating to the present time. The astrological stars are energetic influences in a particular area of the home/building, favourable or unfavourable sectors/areas.

Traditionally in China people recognized that the quality of their lives were determined by each of the "Five Gifts":




Feng Shui




All of these gifts are very important and can be enhanced through Feng Shui. You will find that as you start to implement these and live with more awareness of your living space, life will change and begin to flow more smoothly.




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