Residential & Business Services:

This includes a questionnaire required from the client.

A 20 page checklist on the first day of consultation will be implemented.

Also research of surrounding landscape and a compass reading with a Luo Pan (Chinese) compass.  

A 10-15 page audit and remedies for the 2 worst negative energies will be provided 2 weeks later.

Half of the fee is paid on the first day of consultation and the remainder 2 weeks later on completion.

Feng Shui Presentations:


I also conduct Feng Shui presentaions in your home to a minimum of 10 people.

What's involved all guests attending will receive complimentary Chinese zodiacs

including monthly predictions for the year. There will be door prizes!

At the event l will share Feng Shui tips, the years' predictions.

A slide show of China and Hong Kong of hotels, buildings and landscapes will be

shown that have been remedied according to Feng Shui.


Anyone who has a Feng Shui presentation is entitled to $100- off a Feng Shui 

consultation or $100- worth of Feng Shui and Chinese Cultural products!


Chinese Astrology:


Chinese astrology is based on the Hsia Calendar and is a traditional tool used to determine an individual's fate with birth date and the time of birth. The 5 elements and their capacity to interact with and develop with natural phenomena which are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood. The 5 elements of the Chinese zodiac also bring into a mutual relation with colour, directions, seasons, body parts etc. If you would like to know about your present, future, relationships, business etc. please call me to improve your destiny on 0421 300 850. A 6 page report will be given once completed your chart with the next 3 years predictions in detail and also an overview of the next 10-20 years dependant on your type of chart.